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Yayasan Anyo Indonesia (YAI)
peduli kanker anak di Indonesia
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Hari Kanker Anak Internasional diperingati setiap 15 Pebruari......Kanker tidak menular. Kanker pada anak tidak dapat dicegah, oleh karenanya waspada dan kenali sejak dini. Kasus tertinggi di Indonesia yaitu kanker darah/leukemia. kanker mata/retinoblastoma. YAI bersedia diundang untuk edukasi kanker pada anak. Hubungi 021 5346529
Yayasan Anyo Indonesia (YAI) or The Indonesian Anyo Foundation is a non-profit organization which helps the children with cancer especially those from unfortunate families in Indonesia.

The foundation is named in honour of Andrew Manullang, nicknamed Anyo, our son, who passed away because of leukemia in 2008. He inspired us to help other children who are still fighting against cancer.

As we realize that childhood cancer matters cannot be managed alone, therefore, YAI’s vision is to work hand in hand together with other concerned parties to help children with cancer in Indonesia. And the mission to lighten the burden of their families.

YAI provides a temporary home for children with cancer, as well as for the children with other diseases that are noninfectious. Patients must be accompanied by an adult companion.

The temporary home that we call 'rumah anyo' is located in Jalan Anggrek Nelli Murni A 110, Slipi, Jakarta Barat. This location is near and within walking distance to Dharmais Cancer Hospital. 'rumah anyo' can accomodate 18 patients together with a companion each. They come from various regions in Indonesia as outpatients or inpatients at a referral hospital in Jakarta. The administration fee is only Rp 5.000,-/day/family. If they can not afford it, it is free of charge. The fee includes meals and daily necessities for patients and companions.
‘rumah anyo’ is only a temporary home and no medical treatment is available there.

Besides being a temporary home, rumah anyo is also a house for education. In order to increase the information and knowledge of the YAI caretakers and the parents of the patients, once a month we invite a speaker to share useful knowledge about various aspects of childhood.

YAI also conducts an awareness program about childhood cancer and can be invited to any community in Jakarta and also out of Jakarta. We invite a pediatric oncologist to be a speaker. We also facilitate an educational video on leukemia and also retinoblastoma, the most common cancer in children in Indonesia. The video is also available in Youtube.

YAI also facilitates an educational book about childhood cancer titled ‘Beware and Understand Childhood Cancer at Early Stage’ at no charge. We hope through this program people will understand and be aware of childhood cancer. Though it may not be stopped entirely, childhood cancer is curable if founded at early stages and treated well.

In gaining access and information to those associated with caring for children with cancer from developed and developing countries, YAI become a member of CCI Childhood Cancer International; a worldwide umbrella organisation of parent groups of children with cancer.

You can support our program and send your donation to:

Yayasan Anyo Indonesia (YAI)
address: Jalan Anggrek Nelli Murni A 110, Slipi, Jakarta Barat (11480), Indonesia

Bank Mandiri, account no.: 164 0000 582421, swift code: BMRIIDJA


BCA, account no.: 084 524 4010, swift code: CENAIDJA

Thank you.
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