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Yayasan Anyo Indonesia (YAI)
peduli kanker anak di Indonesia
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Di masa pandemi ini untuk sementara waktu pemerhati belum dapat masuk ke dalam rumah anyo. Perhatian dan dukungan tetap dapat diberikan. Untuk teknis selanjutnya dapat menghubungi 0811 8013 775. Sambil menanti vaksinasi, tetaplah menjalankan prinsip 5M. Mencuci tangan dengan sabun di air mengalir. Memakai masker. Menjaga jarak. Menghindari kerumunan. Mengurangi mobilitas. Upaya ini dapat mengurangi potensi terpapar virus Corona. Mari, lakukan adaptasi kebiasaan baru dengan selalu menjalankan protokol kesehatan.
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Lending hand to children with cancer

The Indonesian Anyo Foundation (YAI)
The Indonesian Anyo Foundation (YAI) is a non-profit social foundation, established in Jakarta on 27 June 2012.

The name Anyo comes from the name of the late Andrew Maruli David Manullang, son of the founder of YAI. Anyo died on December 7, 2008 because of leukemia / blood cancer.
The founder wants to continue Anyo's passion to help Indonesian children who are still battling cancer, especially those from less prosperous families.

Aware of the complexity of overcoming cancer in children that cannot be handled alone, YAI comes with the vision of wanting to join hands together hand in hand to help children with cancer and its mission to ease the burden on families whose children have cancer.

The YAI program facilitates the 'anyo house' which functions as a temporary residence for children with cancer from various regions in Indonesia, who come for treatment at a referral hospital in Jakarta. The admin fee is only Rp. 5,000, - / day / family. If you are completely unable, the fee is waived. Costs are used for meals and the daily needs of the patient and companion.

rumah anyo does not provide certain medical measures, only as a temporary residence. Since YAI was founded, 258 patients have stayed at Anyo's house, but 30% of them are passed, because they arrived in general in an advanced condition. Therefore, YAI actively participates in disseminating knowledge about cancer in children to the general public and also medical personnel at Puskesmas throughout Indonesia, so that children with cancer can be found early.

YAI is a member of CCI, the umbrella organization of parents whose children with cancer worldwide, www.childhoodcancerinternational.org

During the pandemic, visits to Anyo's house were temporarily eliminated to protect each other from the spread of Covid-19, attention and concern can still be channeled through
YAI BCA account no. 084 524 4010, swift code: CENAIDJA or YAI Mandiri account no. 164 0000 582421, swift code: BMRIIDJA

Thank you for caring.

The Indonesian Anyo Foundation (YAI)

WA +62 813 8101 3775

Youtube channel: Rumah Anyo
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